About Us

“Your friendly neighborhood Arms Dealer”

Muzzle Works established itself over seven years ago.  We are a federally licensed, Class III FFL.  That means we sell the cool stuff, ie. short barreled rifles and shotguns, silencers and select fire weapons.  The owner, Michael Woodruff, was a Paramedic for over ten years and loves to deal with first responders of all types.  We can special order anything that's available and are happy to handle your transfers for $25.  Give us a call or email, we love to chat!

You don’t have to ask “Can you get...?”

We sell everything!  S&W to HK. SIG to Glock, SilencerCo to Dead Air, LWRC, KAK, BCM, Noveske  and everything In between.  If distributors have it, we can “get it”!

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We love to chat and give advice. 

Muzzle Works

North Richland Hills, Texas, United States

(817) 752-5600